Winemaking begins, and to a large extent ends in the vineyard.  Once the fruit is in the winery, there is very little you can do to improve it.

That’s why I see my role as a winemaker involving countless hours walking vineyard rows. As vintage approaches the hours spent walking between the vines increases and I am constantly tasting berries looking for the arrival of the flavour profiles I desire.  When the fruit is finally ready, I call the picking crew, and the vineyard is meticulously hand-picked, under the strict instruction to be especially diligent to ensure that what ends up at the winery is nothing but clean and pristine fruit.

At the winery, these perfect bunches are de-stemmed and the berries passed over a sorting table removing smaller, less ripe berries, leaving only the best fruit for the fermenters.  Care is taken to separate individual sections of the vineyards all the way through the winemaking process to ensure we have the widest possible array of options when it comes to putting together final blends.
The perfect berries are then cold soaked in open fermenters for one week allowing natural fermentation to begin.  The ferments are plunged by hand three times a day and fermentation is completed after two weeks with the wine gently basket pressed directly to French oak barrels.

Oak is selected carfeully from different forests and cooperages to compliment and enhance the complexity and flavour of our wines. Our wine is carefully matured in French oak for over two years, during this time I spend a great deal of time tasting the wines to ensure optimum maturity prior to bottling.

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